An afternoon beauty workshop in English

This Saturday, I invited my friend Lenka Kalužová to spend an afternoon with my students and friends. Lenka showed us how to easily make a couple of home-made products and told us a lot of interesting facts about this. I am grateful for this time full of creativity and relaxation and hope we will see her again sometime soon. … Číst dál

A day full of English, Sunday 27.8.2017

Join me and my friends on a Sunday trip to Hostýn and back. We will have plenty of time for a picnic and fun activities. We will be speaking English all day but don`t worry if you feel like beginners. We all feel like that sometimes! 🤣 Přidejte se k nám a pojďte na tradiční výlet netradičně, spolu … Číst dál

Picnic in English

PIKNIK V ANGLIČTINĚ, ÚTERÝ 8.8.2017, LOUKA U VENKOVNÍ POSILOVNY U ÚSTAVU JAVORNÍK Here you go – another PICNIC IN ENGLISH, hooray! TUESDAY 8/8, 18 o`clock. The same time, the same place – meadow near the outdoor gym in Chvalčov, close to Javorník. All are very welcome, please bring just a little something to eat or drink (not necessary 🙂 … Číst dál